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Car interior upgrade

We are looking for insightful suggestions to make driving more comfortable.

Cars are beyond the point that they are only a means of transportation. In this day and age, we spend almost half a day in our car, so car comfort is just as important as that of our living room sofa. That’s why we shouldn’t settle when it comes to car comfort.

What functional or comfort features do you miss in your car when you’re stuck in traffic? What safety features do you think could save lives? What would enhance your driving experience?

To exemplify, don’t you hate it when your take away coffee gets cold while you’re driving? There’s no need to drink cold coffee when your car can have a cupholder that keeps your beverage hot or cold.

Let your imagination run free and become the creator of future car features.

Send us your thoughts and proposals what car interior features you’d like to bring to life. The best suggestion will be rewarded.