how cool are you, summer challenge

How cool are you?

An all new summer-themed challenge is ready!

Don’t you hate it when you sit in a scorching hot car and you’re close to the point of melting? We do, that is why we are looking for ways to optimize cooling in future electric cars. Keep in mind though that power consumption and battery life are of vital importance in electric cars. Can you come up with a smart idea on how to effectively and power-efficiently cool your car? Is your solution innovative and implementable?
If this is the case and you’re nodding vigorously, then send us your description of a car cooling system that you think would work best. Your description can be simple (just an idea) or more detailed (sketch, video, detailed description of technology).
Our team will review all ideas and reward the best one.

Let’s make summer driving cool!

PS: We do not in any way endorse driving with your feet out the window.