Sustainability challenge

At TPV AUTOMOTIVE we give a big empahsis to sustainability and making the future green and sustainable. That is why we are always searching of new and innovative ways of improvement by using new technologies and approaches for greener and better future.

Since we are global automotive supplier with over 700 employees and 5 factories that export a wide range of products to more than 25 countries worldwide there are numerous options on implementing newer and greener technologies into our buisness and production processes.

The challenge is:

We all know convientional methods and technologies for reducing our carbon footprint and achieve sustainability like use of solar panels, electric cars, recycling etc. But we are searching for even more! We are searching for innovative new approaches to be sustainable, your propositions can be anything from the use of new technologies in energy saving to new business practices that improve awareness and help reduce cost and waste. The opportunities are endless.

You can send us your proposals in field such as:

  1. Efficient energy use
  2. Reducing and reusing waste
  3. Use of new innovative green technologies
  4. Carbon footprint reduction ideas
  5. Employee focused solutions

Your ideas should contain detailed description of your solutions and description of how an automotive company should implement such a solution. Proposals that have sucesfull case studies or descriptions of practices already in use by companies will have an advantage and will get bonus points added to our assesment process by our comitee of experts.

The best idea that is implemented and used by us will be rewarded!

If you are a startup working in one of the described fields and would like to colaborate or co-create with us, feel free to contact us trough our contact form and we will arrange a meeting where you can present your ideas or prosposals to us!