A group of experts sitting at a table for a round table discussion at Collaborative robotics centre launch

On November 20, 2018, a new Collaborative Robotics Centre was launched at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, as part of the annual European Robotics Week.

The Centre is well equipped with cutting-edge technology in the field of collaborative robotics. It draws knowledge from human-robot interaction, guidance and navigation of vehicles, sensor integration, augmented reality and application of advanced technologies in industrial environment.

Igor Lekše, Director of Process Automatization at TPV, took part in a round table discussion on collaborative robotics alongside other contributors who shared their experience, namely Janez Novak (RLS), Hubert Kosler (Yaskawa), Martin Slivnik (Hella Saturnus) and Robert Čerin (Kolektor Orodjarna). Mr. Lekše shared TPV’s experience with collaborative robots used for picking and inserting sheet metal in forming tools, and handling of parts between operations in transfer tools.