TPV d.o.o. has a new name! As a development supplier on the global automotive market, we develop and manufacture products that have a significant impact on vehicle dynamics, safety, ecology and driving comfort, as well as implementing new technology solutions in electric vehicles (EV). With our new mission and vision »Creating mobility of the future« in mind and extensive experience on the automotive market, our focus is shifting into 4 core areas:
• Development & Engineering Services
• E-mobility Aluminum Components
• Lightweight Steel Components
• Surface Protection

New programmes call for company name change to establish a clear relation to its core business. TPV trženje in proizvodnja opreme vozil d.o.o. changed its business name to TPV AUTOMOTIVE, Tovarna avtomobilskih komponent d.o.o., shortened to TPV AUTOMOTIVE d.o.o. The change came into effect on 4 June, 2020. The company TPV AUTOMOTIVE d.o.o. has become an universal legal successor to the company TPV d.o.o. There have been no changes in management or any other additional changes.
As pointed out by Dr. Ivan Erenda , CEO of TPV AUTOMOTIVE d.o.o., »changes go hand in hand with our current business direction and breathe new life into the company to create mobility of the future even more efficiently”.