Formula SAE TPV

A team of students of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Ljubljana took part in a student design competition Formula SAE to develop a Formula-style race car. The Faculty proposed a collaboration with TPV to help students with their experience and equipment.

Formula SAE team posing in TPV next to formula framwork

TPV’s R&D experts reviewed the drawings and 3D models for the car and constructed the framework in TPV’s prototype workshop.

Formula SAE TPV

When the Formula team presented the finished product to the public, the designers and managers from Dallara, Masserati, Fiat and Aldo Costa (Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team) were impressed that this was their first designed race car. The team consisting of 22 students and 7 TPV’s employees spent a lot of time working together and they all welcomed the new experience. The project succeeded in connecting two poles, the industry and the university, to launch a new complex product that the students will proudly continue presenting on numerous occasions in the future.